Who’s behind Whole Brain Creative?


Tiffany Butler

I started whole brain creative in 2002, when a cross-country move offered the perfect excuse to turn an after-hours freelance business into a full-time endeavor.

Because I love what I do (meeting interesting people and becoming intimately familiar with their businesses and industries) I give it my all. I’m a student at the university of humanity, and my education is a life-long journey. I’ve worked harder at this job than I worked for any employer, but the rewards of repeat clients, ongoing projects and amazing relationships make it all worthwhile.

before whole brain creative

Before setting out on this big adventure, I spent eight years in corporate advertising and marketing departments. I began as a graphic designer with a $100-million computer retailer in Houston, Texas, and by the age of 23, was managing its corporate advertising and marketing departments. I worked as a communications director for a direct sales company, and later as a marketing communications specialist for Rockwell Automation/Sprecher + Schuh. I went to school for all this stuff too, earning a bachelor of science degree in advertising from the University of Texas at Austin (Hook ‘em!).

you get what you give

Giving back is important. I’ve served as a volunteer with many nonprofit organizations, and as a director and president on several boards. I’m currently a director on the boards of the Astoria Downtown Historic District Association and the Hillsboro Chamber of Commerce. And for the first time in a long while, I am president of nothing, other than my own company.