We’re not talking anymore—and that’s a problem

Paper cup telephones

When was the last time you had a live, real-time conversation with a customer…and gained valuable insights that improved the way you do business?

We recently had several of those valuable conversations on behalf of a client. It took fewer than 15 phone calls and we gathered enough information to produce a remarkable improvement in my client’s proposal win rate. 

The catch is you have to pick up the phone to collect these priceless insights, and many companies simply don’t take the time. Smart companies, however, know that real-time conversations with their customers:

  • reveal important issues that may not have been on their radar;
  • allow them to go off-script for deeper dialog in specific areas;
  • foster goodwill by engaging customers in a way that electronic communications can’t; and,
  • really don’t require that much time or effort!

For such a big payoff, why don’t we talk with our customers more often?

Because electronic communication has made us lazy. It’s driven a wedge between our companies and our customers, fostering a publish or perish mentality that fools us into thinking we’re “in touch” with customers when in many cases we’re just marketing in monologue.

Don’t get me wrong—electronic tools have their place. But they shouldn’t be mistaken for the path to more revealing and actionable insights. Those valuable pieces of intel are reserved for companies willing to pick up the phone and have a live, real-time conversation with their customers.

Do you hear the voice of your customer? I can almost guarantee return on the relatively small investment of time and resources required to engage them in real-time conversation.

Let’s have a chat of our own about what you’d like to change in your organization, and how I can help you get the insights you need to move forward with confidence and reach your goals.

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