what type of content marketing makes sales happen?

Last October I landed a new assignment by sending out an e-newsletter about using video in content marketing. This was notable for two reasons:

  1. I don’t do video.
  2. The client wanted me for a completely different reason.

This virtually effortless sale happened mostly because my regular content marketing plan put me in the right place at the right time.

Here’s how it happened: a contact at a non-profit organization was working on a grant application. Her team needed a strategic planning facilitator with the right background to help them get the grant. She was literally sitting at her desk trying to figure out who she could hire when my newsletter about video hit her inbox.

The arrival of my clever video tips didn’t inspire an image of me behind a camera, but it reminded her of my past work helping other non-profit ventures to get organized and become more sustainable. She thought: “she could solve my problem,” and picked up the phone.

timing trumps topic

The main takeaway of this story is I got that job—even though it was completely unrelated to the content of the newsletter—because of the timing. It was a lucky break, but a little proactive effort on my part made that “luck” possible.

Content marketing is a gradual process of “reap now, harvest later.” Naturally, some of your content should be designed to let people know what you do, but it’s more important for the information you provide to be useful and to get it in front of your prospects on a regular basis. Usefulness encourages people to pay attention, while a consistent schedule increases your chances of being present when a need arises.

My video newsletter is a case in point. It wasn’t a “soft” advertisement of my services, because I don’t offer video and don’t intend to. But I knew that several of my best clients and prospects had been frustrated by that challenge, which made the information very useful to them. Sending out that “message of help” resulted in a sale for something completely different.

need help keeping your plan on schedule? call me.

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