Part of our initial conversation will include discussion of your budget.

Clients are sometimes reluctant to divulge what they’re expecting or able to spend, but it’s important to talk about it early. If you don’t have a specific number in mind, I’ll suggest ballpark ranges to narrow the possibilities. This ensures our expectations are somewhat in alignment before either of us spends too much time digging into the details.

After our initial conversation, and before work begins, a written estimate will be provided based on a consensual scope of work. Your signed approval and a 50 percent deposit give me the green light to begin work.

Because of the time it takes to truly get to know you, your organization and your industry, I typically engage only with clients who need ongoing marketing communications support. That’s not to say I won’t accept a one-off project or campaign, but in those cases the minimum engagement is $2500.


For clients who need ongoing marcomm support, a retainer option is available. The retainer reserves a set amount of time for you and your projects in exchange for a flat monthly fee. This option works particularly well for busy marketing managers and VPs who want me to help hold them accountable for moving their projects forward. I liken it to a gym membership—clients tend to use it more when they think of it as something they’ve already paid for.