How it Works

If you and I decide to work together, I’ll want you to become one of my favorite clients—the ones who consider me a valuable part of their inside team, rather than a disposable outside vendor.

We’ll be formidable comrades on a mission, developing our own language of shorthand and slaying countless dragons in the process. To put it simply, we’ll get each other. And we’ll get stuff done.

there are several ways we can do this:

  • If you’re a creative director or principal at an agency, I’ll bring the specific skillset or additional capacity you need to satisfy fluctuations in workload and talent requirements. I can also help you get your own marketing done, because, well…we both know how that goes.
  • If you’re a marcomm manager, marketing VP, or otherwise responsible for an in-house marketing department, I’m the extra bandwidth you need to complete projects—whether working independently or as an ad-hoc member of your team. I’ve worked inside the corporate world and understand the role of an outside resource. I know what to do and how to behave in order to build strong relationships, produce good work, and help the team shine.
  • If you’re a smaller organization that doesn’t have a marketing department, you don’t have to resort to time-consuming DIY efforts or “bargain” resources that can produce disappointing results. I’ll help you build and maintain a professional image until such time you are ready to hire your own internal marketing team.

how we begin

I’ll want to learn about your place in the market, your customers, your competitors, the materials and tools you already have in place, and what we’re trying to accomplish together. Be ready for lots of questions, at least in the beginning. Ideally, this will be the first of many projects, so the time we invest up front will continue paying benefits long after the initial project is complete.

Because of the time it takes to truly get to know you, your organization and your industry, I typically engage only with clients who need ongoing marcomm support. That’s not to say I won’t accept a one-off project or campaign, but in those cases the minimum engagement is $2500.

the benefits of a long-term relationship

The opportunity to work together over several years and through multiple projects benefits both of us. You’ll know you can turn to me with just about anything, at just about any time, and not have to bring me up to speed every time a new need arises.

You’ll also be assured that all the materials I produce for you are consistent in how they represent your organization—from positioning, to visual image, to tone and voice. Most of all, you’ll rest easy knowing your projects will be completed on time, will meet or exceed your expectations, and work with your budget.