To find success in marketing, ask for directions

To be effective in marketing, you have to see things from the customer’s point of view.

You have to put your own thoughts, feelings and assumptions aside, and see things from the customer’s perspective. It starts by understanding who they really are, what they think of you, and what they want or need.

But the answers to these questions don’t come from within your four walls. They require us to step outside, talk to customers and prospects, and develop an accurate understanding of what is important to them—asking for directions, if you will.

I’ve led several clients through this wayfinding process as a part of a larger effort. The findings ultimately laid the foundation for brand guides, messaging platforms, website content and marketing plans. And, without exception, we discovered opportunities to bring internal and external perceptions closer in alignment. I’ve had more than one client say, “The entire project fee was worth what we learned during the wayfinding process.”

wayfinding is called for when:

  • You don’t have a brand guide, and need a foundation for core values, key messages, brand voice, and visual identity guidelines.
  • You don’t have a messaging platform, and need to identify and refine the messages that will speak to your audience(s).
  • You don’t have a marketing plan, and want to know how best to reach your audience(s) with the information they want to receive from you. 

when you ask the right questions, you find the right way forward: 

  • You’ll get real information on which to base your brand guidelines, messaging platform, content and marketing plan.
  • You’ll find out whether or not your key staff members are on the same page in terms of how they view and promote your organization.
  • You’ll learn whether or not your audience(s) perceive you the way you THINK they do.
  • You’ll find opportunities to bring perceptions into alignment to better support your goals.

what you get when we do wayfinding together: 

  • Two to three facilitated work sessions (that I’ll lead for you) with a small group of key people from your staff
  • Twenty to thirty interviews (that I’ll conduct for you) with a sample of your key customers, prospects, employees, volunteers or donors—they’ll tell me things they won’t tell you!
  • Presentation of findings and recommendations, providing a basis for change in branding, messaging, strategies and tactics, as well as for reinforcing the brand from within your organization

If you haven’t checked in with your audience for a while, let’s talk. The way toward more effective marketing isn’t far away—we just have to step outside and ask for directions.

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