Skip this step at your own expense

ever made one of these marketing mistakes?

  • Developing a brand with no distinct position in the marketplace
  • Creating content that doesn’t truly speak to customer needs and wants
  • Buying into marketing products or services that don’t help you meet your goals

These are just a few of the expensive mistakes that happen when you skip the strategy step of the marketing process. Continue reading

It’s time to take a stand

Like most of you, I subscribe to several industry newsletters. And like most of you, I don’t make time to read them. A select few, however, always get my attention—like this one from David C. Baker titled “Why No One Wants to Read Your Newsletters.”

One of David’s points hit me square in the face. Rather than generate “news” and “content” that people may not care about (or may ignore completely) provide insight that will cause them to reflect on your message, save it, or forward it.

Make people think. Take a stand. Articulate a viewpoint,” David says.

So here I go…about to take a stand. Articulate a viewpoint. Provide insight. Continue reading

To find success in marketing, ask for directions

To be effective in marketing, you have to see things from the customer’s point of view.

You have to put your own thoughts, feelings and assumptions aside, and see things from the customer’s perspective. It starts by understanding who they really are, what they think of you, and what they want or need.

But the answers to these questions don’t come from within your four walls. They require us to step outside, talk to customers and prospects, and develop an accurate understanding of what is important to them—asking for directions, if you will. Continue reading