Are you asking the right questions?

Can you complete the following statements from your customer’s point of view? Oh—and did I mention your answers have to be based on real knowledge, not just what you think they’d say? Go ahead…let’s see how you do.

  • “It’s important to me that the companies I buy from are __________________, _______________, and ____________.”

  • “When I spend money on (your company’s goods/services category), I consider buying from ______________, ______________, and ___________.”

  • “When I bought from (your company), I was trying to solve the problem of __________________.”

  • “When I bought from (your company), ___________ was the most important factor in my decision.”

Most of the organizations I work with can’t answer these questions when we first start working together. Or, I might get different answers from each person I talk to inside that organization. Either way, it all but guarantees any marketing we create will not improve their outcomes. Why? Because the message isn’t hitting home with the audience. It doesn’t speak to their problems. It doesn’t support their values. It just. doesn’t. fit.

You won’t find the answers by asking the wrong questions, either. “How satisfied are you?” “How likely are you to recommend us?” Questions like these are nothing more than thinly veiled exercises in ego-stroking and customers see them for the insincerity they reek. No, we’re talking about having an honest dialog with customers about what is important to them, what problems they have and how we can solve them better than any other option available.

When we DO have a sincere dialog with customers and ask the right questions, my clients gain new insights 100 percent of the time. It shifts their perspective. It reveals new opportunities. It informs decisions about where to make changes. And, it tells us what their marketing should convey in order to get people to pay attention and take action.

Want to know how to click with customers—and make them stick? I’ll give you a hint—it doesn’t happen during a whiteboard session over boxed lunches with six or eight of your colleagues locked in a conference room. Through market research, one-on-one customer interviews and an objective third-party perspective, I can help you identify where you’re hitting, where you’re missing, and how to close the gaps between expectation and delivery. Click. And stick. 

Let’s talk.

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