3 marketing tasks to trust to pros


In recent years there’s been an explosion of online marketing tools, virtual assistants, and other low-cost marketing options. They all claim to make marketing easier, either by doing it for you or making it easy to manage yourself.

These “do-it-yourself” or “do it cheap” resources regularly wreak havoc on organizations that don’t have the time or skills to do marketing work internally. It’s bad enough when marketing doesn’t get done as a result, but even worse when it gets done wrong. Either way, it’s expensive and time-consuming to fix.

After helping several companies recover from this kind of trouble, I’ve noted three tasks in particular that are best left in the hands of a qualified marketing professional.

1.     branding

Great branding is essential to the success of your business because it sets the stage for every piece of communication you create. It should drive your visual identity and content in a way that appeals to your buyers. If it doesn’t, it’s one of the most expensive things to re-do.

Strange as it may seem, the best reason to get an outside perspective on your brand is because you know it better than anyone else. That can make it difficult for you to think like your buyers, who don’t see what you offer with the same set of assumptions. Every time I work with a branding client, there’s an “aha!” moment when they learn something they hadn’t recognized about their customers or their business.

2.     creating new content

There’s one simple reason to let someone else create your content: it won’t get done internally. (Don’t believe me? Try it for a couple months.) Most of the people who work for small- and mid-sized firms — and even some larger ones — have other jobs to do and stronger skills in other areas. Adding content creation to their busy jobs is a quick way to relegate it to the back burner.

A seasoned marketing pro will know how to handle the ever-changing worlds of social media, blogging, and search engine optimization (SEO) for your website. He or she will also help you answer the most common question that stops content creation in its tracks: “what the heck should we write about?”

3.     project management

Sometimes there are important marketing tasks you or your staff are fully capable of doing, but just don’t have time to manage. If doing what you do best is a better use of your time, having a trusted partner take marketing off your shoulders can repay your investment very quickly.

For example, in the last few months, several organizations I’ve worked with for a while have contacted me to take entire projects off their hands — everything from market research, to video development, to managing a comprehensive website evaluation. In one case I was even told: “We just want to hand this off to you because we know you’ll get it done. You don’t need to involve us again until you’re ready to give recommendations.”

Great relationships like these take time to build, but it’s never too soon to get started. A small project or two is a great test, and can help relieve you of bigger burdens down the road.

the value of an outside voice

Not having the time or specialized skills to do marketing are two great reasons to partner with someone from outside your organization. And even if time and skills are on your side, it’s tough to get insights about your business without the perspective of an outside observer. It’s worthwhile to have someone at the ready who can think like your best buyers and take the time to do marketing tasks right — leaving you free to work more efficiently.

need someone who can get marketing done? let’s talk.

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